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” I wanted to thank you for the most interesting session I went to at the recent convention (Santa Clara USA April,2010), I really enjoyed every minute and it all made so much sense. Often when I attend a session and a new technique is supposed to make you “feel” certain changes within your body I’m not all that sure that I do. That is why your session stood out for me and I have been trying out some of the abdominal work on my classes, and my clients have also felt the benefits.”
— Jill Currie, Pilates Teacher, UK

“Even if you’ve already done a pilates course – the Menezes Method will be a real eye opener”
— Diane S. Physiotherapist. QLD

“More detailed and practical information. Great assistance and balance of practical and theory components. The presenter had very extensive knowledge of the teaching material”
— Susan McP Exercise Physiologist VIC

“Far superior than the DMA course (I attended). It is far more applicable and functional to clients that we see than any other pilates courses”
— Catherine D. Physiotherapist. NZ

“This course was very informative and completely changed my way of thinking as to how Pilates is taught”
— E. Broomhead, Tasmania

“Great interaction and encouragement of participants. Clear and concise”
— Tania Chau, Tasmania

“Much better than other Pilates courses – the teacher is aware of how we are absorbing the information and took us further. There is a thorough grounding in new (Menezes Method) basics. I particularly appreciated the immediate response to my own physical concern with a brilliant exercise (The Menezes Back Release)”
— Helen Simmons, Pilates Instructor

“Great practical teaching advice and lots of encouragement”
— Julie Hills, TAS

“I would recommend this course for the high quality of information presented, the experience of the presenter. The inspiration and the dynamic energy of the course changes you in a short space of time in a very positive and challenging way”
— Hannah Jessup, Pilates/Gym Instructor

Testimonials from attendees to Menezes Pilates UK Tour

The testimonials below are from attendees who are all trained Pilates instructors trained by different, major Pilates Training organizations in the UK. Length of teaching experience varies from 2 to 10 years.

Compared to other Pilates Workshops you have attended,
how would you compare the Menezes Method style?

“Excellent. It made sense. Reasons for everything we did”

“No Comparison. All other workshops have been repetitive, uninformative and not relevant to my

“More informative. More knowledgeable. Makes more sense.”

“Very factual and answers ALL your questions – not afraid to be questioned, like some other
presenters from other companies.”

“I would say that the course followed how Pilates would have wished it to be in the 21st Century
and not an incorrect version as taught to me 8 years ago.”

“Less focus on the tea break and nice lunch aspect – more on the meat of why we were there – a
refreshing change.”

“Small and much more enjoyable. Last course I did with ***** (there were)100 participants!”

“More detailed specific content and reasons given for why do certain movements.”

“No comparison. This was challenging and informative. Thank you so much!!”

“There is no comparison. One hundredfold the best. Inspirational.”

“Much more structured – course notes much better than most I have received.”

“It has made me question a lot of my previous knowledge.”

“Far superior. Blew me away.”

“Learnt more in 2 days than any of the other courses over the last eight years!”

Reasons for you to recommend Menezes Method Pilates:

“Its Different. Its exciting and makes you feel inspired.”

“It will change your view of Pilates and teach you how to get results when otherwise you

“Do a training course that IS Pilates.”

“It explores “why and how” rather than just telling you what should be.”

“Very educational with a sound basis of fact.”

“Significantly different and effective exercises and method to other courses”

“Come along to a Menezes workshop and ‘think out of the box’.”

“Its opened my mind!! Brilliant!”

“Excellent knowledge backs up everything you are asked to do. Do it for yourself even if you
never do any other course.”

“Eye opening. Changes your thought processes.”

“It was so full of information, it made me realise you need to know why (the theory) behind
everything you are taught. This course delivers this where others have not.”

“If you want to become a better instructor and achieve results, I would highly recommend you
attend Allan’s course.”

“Most ground breaking content I have heard since starting my Pilates training.”

“Climb out of your box and have a radical rethink”

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