Menezes Pilates Instructor Training Courses

Here you will find key information on the training courses conducted by the Pilates Institute of Australasia using the Menezes Method which is fast becoming the foremost style of Pilates Training around the world.



We run a range of courses meaning there is an instructors training course for everyone! Ranging from Floor 1, an introductory course breaking down the basics of the Pilates method for those wanting to become Pilates Instructors all the way up to advanced Floor courses (Floor 2/3) along with Practitioners and Reformer Courses to cover all ranges of experience.

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“To be terrific – be specific!” – ALLAN MENEZES

In 1998 Menezes wrote the bestseller, “The Complete Guide to the Pilates Method”. (Published in the USA as “The Complete Guide to Joseph H. Pilates’ Techniques of Physical Conditioning” 2000, 2004) which became a training manual for trainee pilates instructors for the Institute for the Pilates Method (USA) and the Pilates Institute (UK). This established Allan as one of the leading thinkers and promoters of Pilates in the world. This book is still used as a basis for Pilates Theory as well as an inspiration to many of those deciding whether to pursue a career in the Pilates Method.

Menezes has also produced 17 DVD titles on the Pilates Method. Allan’s specific style is a basis of, not only perfection in movement, but also a requirement for the next step into exercising for physical rehabilitation. The training is far more bio-mechanical that other forms of Pilates and the cueing is also vastly different.

As Allan points out, “If you are counting, repeating the instruction of the movement that the subject is doing or telling them to ‘breathe in, breathe out’, then you are not a teacher, you are a robot. A great teacher will focus on the details of what the client is NOT doing, rather than telling them to do what they are already doing.”

See Allan’s Bio HERE.

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Pilates Floor Level 1 is the entry-level course for those wishing to commence a career in the Pilates method. This essential course gives you all the theory for future courses. This gives you all the tools to enable you to become the best. It is a four day highly intensive course designed to create an in-depth understanding of pilates theory, over 20 stretches and exercises to instruct and teaching and presentation skills.
EACH EXERCISE HAS 2 TO 3 VARIATIONS TO SUIT YOUR DIFFERING CLIENT BASE, this gives you up to 60 versions of the exercises!! Other courses only give you one version. Theory and practical exams on the third day are competency based.
It is recommended that instructors do a full Level 1 workout each day for 30 days before starting classes – once a logbook of these hours are received by the PIA Certificate of Accreditation will be sent to successful participants.
This course includes PIA 12 month membership.
There are 2 parts to the Floor 1 Exam: Theory and Practical.
The Theory Exam is on the last day for the Floor Course – Pass mark 75%
The Practical Exam is by DVD submission. All course workbooks and manuals are sent electronically and workbooks are to be printed and brought to the courses.

The Cadillac Level 1 is a packed two day course for those who wish to take their workouts to a higher level with the apparatus in a studio environment.

Pilates Floor Level 2/3 (Intermediate/Advanced) follows on from our Level 1 course and is a two day highly intensive course building on what you learnt in Level 1 involving more muscle mechanics.

Pilates Fascia Roller Workshop teaches you how to use the Core Fascia Roller (CFR) which is exclusive to the Pilates Institute. Made of Sturdy Material covered with a raised, checkered rubber design, the CFR is a very intense workout in itself. This is a three hour workshop that is the price of the roller itself. Totally different to using the larger soft rollers that everyone has, this roller is also useful for travelling on the ski trips and triathlon event or just for everyday home use.

Pilates for Kids This intensive 1 day course is a great, fun course for those already qualified in Pilates up to Level 2 Floor. How to teach kids 5-11 and 11- 16. How to make it fun and challenging by incorporating Balance, Co-ordination, Strength and Flexibility. 

The Pilates for Pregnancy course is the first of its kind in Australia. Aimed at those professionals teaching expectant mothers, this course is popular as an adjunct to any physio practice or for the Pilates professional.

Pilates on the Ball is a popular course which combines the Pilates Mat routine and the Swiss Ball. A Challenging workout which extends the repertoire for your clients. Purchase our Pilates on the Ball DVD for a snippet of what this class involves.

Courses are held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane however if there is significant interest in another location please contact us at education@pilates.net or 02 9410 0274

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Please fill out this online form for expressions of interest in any of the courses outlined above or alternatively email education@pilates.net  if you have any queries!

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To participate in any of our training courses you must agree to the terms and conditions below as well as our code of ethics to ensure that national professional standards are abided by and to ensure the health and safety of participants is protected.


All members agree:

  1. To abide by the PIA Code of Conduct and Ethics
  2. To teach no more than 20 people in any group class
  3. To cease use of all PIA Intellectual Property (inc.teaching style) if membership is ceased and revert ‘regular/classical’ style of teaching. See PIA Terms and Conditions

The PIA does not accept responsibility for loss of deposits/monies paid by applicants due to course cancellations. Full refunds will be made if the PIA cancels the course.

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Note: You will be provided with this code of ethics as well as the T&C’s to sign at the commencement of any course

Course Members Non-Members Duration
Floor 1 n/a $1395 3 days
Floor 2/3 $790.00 $1200 3 days
Pilates Ball 1 $225.00 $325.00 1 day
Pilates Ball 2 $299.00 $399.00 1 day
Foam Roller $299.00 $399.00 1 day
Reformer 1 $990.00 $1400.00 3 days
Reformer 2 $770.00 $1200.00 3 days
Pregnancy $299.00 $390.00 1 day
Kids $660.00 $880.00 correspondance
Practitioners $395.00 $495.00 2 days
Muscle Mechanics $550.00 $660.00 correspondance
Cadillac 1 $790.00 $990.00 3 days

A 12 month membership to the PIA is included in the cost of the Floor 1 course.
If you are booking from Interstate and wish to attend a course in Sydney you may be eligible for a $100 rebate on your course fees to assist you with flights and accomodation. Please call the office (02) 8920 2622 for more details.


Cancellations prior to 8 weeks: $100 admin fee for courses over $1000, $50 for courses under $1000
Between 4-8 weeks: $300 fee charged for courses over $1000, 50% for other courses
Between 2-4 weeks: $500 refunded for courses over $1000, 50% for other courses
Less than 4 weeks: No refund.


Payments less than 2 weeks incur a further administration charge to cover the cost of rushing study materials by Express Mail to participants: 1-2 weeks: $50.00




If you’d like to host a course in your town or city that isn’t Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you can earn your course for free!

  1. PROVIDE THE VENUE (including desks and chairs for the exam) Area must be open plan space of at least 50 sqm.
  2. SUPPLY THE PIA WITH THE NAMES, email addresses and contact details of at least 8 attendees (for Floor 1 AND ball 1) or 10 attendees for 1 or 2 day workshops.
  • All materials for the course to be sent to the attendees
  • Processing payments for attendees
  • Cost of flights and accommodation for the Course Trainer

Contact the education department of the PIA either by Email or call (02) 9410 0274 for more information.


” I wanted to thank you for the most interesting session I went to at the recent convention, I really enjoyed every minute and it all made so much sense. Often when I attend a session and a new technique is supposed to make you “feel” certain changes within your body I’m not all that sure that I do. That is why your session stood out for me and I have been trying out some of the abdominal work on my classes, and my clients have also felt the benefits.” — Jill Currie, Pilates Teacher, UK

“The difference of Allan’s style and techniques – B line, the offering and Core will help me prescribe safer workouts for my patients” — Catherine, Podiatrist, NSW

“Excellent content and knowledge of body and breathing, it has helped think beyond my previous experience in fitness” Janine B, Personal Trainer, NSW

“This course is amazing! No other course has been so extensive and helped me understand the application of movement for myself and for my clients!” Sammy M, Personal Trainer, NSW

“There’s no other course that will exceed this. Allan’s expert information has changed the way I look and strengthen the body. Everyone who does his courses will leave with valuable information and life skills” Jeffery P, Personal Trainer, NSW

Contact us at education@pilates.net or on 02 9410 0274 with any questions