PACKAGE DEAL: Pilates Travel Core Fascia Roller w/ Isotoner, Massage Ball & Grip Socks

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The Pilates Travel Core Fascia Roller (PCFR) is the first of its kind on the market.

INCLUDES FREE (inside the roller):
– 1x Pair of Tucketts grip socks (RRP $27)
– 1x Double massage ball (RRP $25)
– 1x Isotoner with grip balls (RRP (49.95)

PLUS: FREE shipping in Australia

Please note: the colour of the double massage ball and grip socks will vary between orders.

Youtube CFR Videos HERE

Made in Australia and exclusive to the Pilates Institute, the PCFR has a hollow central core covered with unique rubber imprinted dotted layer.

Length of roller: approx. 32 cm x 8.5 cm
Perfect for travelling! Has storage room inside the roller!

NOTE: Please allow 2-3 weeks from ordering to receive your product.




The surface of the Core Fascia Roller is specifically designed to get into fascia of the body in order to release tight muscle and release the tension in the best possible manner by compression and release via the ‘dots’.

NOTE: This is much firmer than the standard foam roller and as such applies greater pressure to the muscle and can, initially be quite uncomfortable. Once you are used to it, you will not go back to normal foam rollers, as you may find them too ‘soft’!


The Tucketts™ patented Ballerina style socks (colours vary) are perfect for barefoot exercises such as Pilates and Barre. Tucketts™ allow your toes to roam free, keeping the barefoot sensations of freedom and balance, while keeping your soles dry and clean.”

The socks some with a mesh bag for washing and storing. You’ll never lose your socks again!

These socks are high quality, lightweight and anti-slip to make you feel more confident while working out!


The Isotoner with its strong 1.1 metre stretch band and rigid plastic balls is the perfect way to enhance your floor routine! It provides a great workout for your arms, legs and abs and challenged the body by increasing the difficulty of exercises.

This lightweight item has rigid plastic balls on the ends for ease of use. Great for those with poor hand grip, arthritic hands and the elderly.


This double massage ball (colours vary) releases muscle tension and increases flexibility to help speed up one’s recovery process and lead to optimal movement and performance.



The Pilates Institute and its agents accept no responsibility for any loss or injury that occurs as a result of using these products.

Please check with your medical practitioner before using these items.

Please use talcum powder on the Isotoner to stop the material from sticking. Do not allow direct sunlight on the Isotoner band. Keep sharp objects including long finger nails away from the Isotoner stretch band. Do not pull the Isotoner directly towards the face or above the shoulders.


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