Floor (Mat) 2 & 3 eBook

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The Menezes Pilates™ Floor 2 and Floor 3 programs are combined in this eBook, creating a challenge designed to give you greater awareness through the more challenging aspects of the Menezes Pilates™ Method.

This is the most comprehensive and biomechanical Pilates routine available!

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You can also purchase the corresponding online DVDs HERE. Just select ‘Pilates Floor 2 (online DVD)’ and ‘Pilates Floor 3 (online DVDs)’ from the drop down menu! These online DVDs will be sent to you via email within 5 business days.

Complete the set with the Floor 1 eBook which can be purchased HERE.




This Menezes Pilates™ Floor 2 is a comprehensive program designed to give you greater awareness through the more challenging aspects of the Menezes Pilates™ Method.

Exercise list:
Roll Over
Double Leg Stretch II—Alternating Legs
Hamstring Exercise
Open Leg Rocker
Corkscrew I & II
Swan Dive II
Single Leg Kick
Double Leg Kick
Roll-Up II
Scissors II
Bicycle II
Shoulder Bridge II
Jack Knife
Teaser I
Can Can (+ Extension)


This Menezes Pilates™ Floor 3, Advanced Routine is the Challenge! This routine is for those who have found that all other programs are great, but they now require a further challenge!

Make sure you’re in good shape for this one!

Exercise list:
Push Up
Corkscrew III
Double Leg Stretch III
Teaser 2
Teaser 3
Hip Circles
Leg Pull Prone
Leg Pull Supine
Side Kick Kneeling
Snake & Twist
Control Balance

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