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“The Pilates Institute will provide superior, specific training to the pilates, physiotherapy, fitness and other related industries to produce superior, quality, functional practitioners who provide terrific results for their clients”


The Menezes Method. Pilates, but vastly different!

Allan Menezes is Australia’s Leading Pilates Practitioner, the pioneer of Pilates in Australia and the owner and founder of the Body Control Pilates Studios in Sydney and the Pilates Institute of Australasia. The Menezes Method TM of Pilates Training and Education is innovative, unique and second to none. He is also a Certified Pilates Method Alliance Member (USA), Bestselling Author of “The Complete Guide to the Pilates Method” and 13 Pilates Videos.

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Have you loved Pilates so much that you always wanted to become a pilates instructor but never knew how? Or a fitness instructor wanting the best in Pilates Education?

Well, we’ll tell you all the secrets to starting a successful pilates career here! Talk to the leaders in the field of Pilates Training and you can get your Pilates Career started sooner than you think!

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To book Sydney Chatswood Studio classes for back pain and management, core conditioning or just get yourself in shape.


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"It is so clinically applicable in manual therapy practice."


Absolutely recommended to learn the importance of core and biomechanics to everday practice. Great understanding of the body to achieve better stability & mobility


"Improved self posture in first day. Heaps of skill and knowledge improvement.


The valuable learning about this course are the teaching cues, functionality stretching and focus more on rehabilitation and function


"The presenter's explanation of exercise adaptation was excellent, especially knowledge of anatomy (I know when some one is talking rubbish about anatomy!)."


A different approach to usual Pilates cueing and concepts, founded in bio-mechanics.


Menezes Method is so much more than just another Pilates course



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