Pilates for Practitioners. A functional approach focusing on Client results. One and two day courses available. Also On-line soon.

Pilates within the physiotherapy space has become too clinical and not so functional.
At the Pilates Institute we also look at the following:

  • Gait analysis and pelvic stabilisation
  • 5 Breathing techniques to enhance movement performance
  • More focus on oblique activation
  • Allan’s Lunge – the best way to stretch the psoas
  • The B-Line for LOWER abdominal connection
  • The Menezes Position for greater abdominal activation

Book now for these amazing insights into what you thought was simple to use. You will think again about your teaching approach once you have experienced this workshop.
A real eye-opener!

"Even if you've already done a Pilates course - the Menezes Method will be a real eye opener"  -- Diane S. Physiotherapist. QLD

"More detailed and practical information. Great assistance and balance of practical and theory components. The presenter had very extensive
knowledge of the teaching material"  -- Susan McP Exercise Physiologist VIC

"Far superior than the DMA course (I attended). It is far more applicable and functional to clients that we see than any other pilates courses"
 -- Catherine D. Physiotherapist. NZ

"This course was very informative and completely changed my way of thinking as to how Pilates is taught"  -- E. Broomhead, Tasmania 

"Great interaction and encouragement of participants. Clear and concise"  -- Tania Chau, Tasmania

"Much better than other Pilates courses - the teacher is aware of how we are absorbing the information and took us further. There is a thorough grounding in new (Menezes Method) basics. I particularly appreciated the immediate response to my own physical concern with a brilliant exercise (The Menezes Back Release)"
 -- Helen Simmons, Pilates Instructor