Here are a few client testimonials from current clients about why they started with us and the results they have achieved with the Menezes Method

“I have been attending Body Control for over 3 years now. I initially started as rehab following a back injury. I continue to go to strengthen my core and keep me flexible. I find that if I don’t attend for a week or two then I become stiff and sluggish. Pilates with Allan is enjoyable and the one on one attention is great. His studio is a relaxing place where anyone would feel comfortable, no matter what age.”
Nicole H

“Allan is very knowledgeable about physiology and anatomy. He takes a systematic approach to analyzing body movement and problems resulting from injury debility or tension. He provides an entertaining environment with convivial clients. Workouts and sessions are therefore both physically taxing and fun. Come and join us!”
Margaret P

“I started classes following on from several months’ recovery from a slipped disk. I had very little strength in any part of my body, let alone my core and was feeling pretty unmotivated. The thing I love about my body control classes is that Allan builds your program around you. Not just your physical capabilities but your goals and your attitude as well. He helps you achieve things you never thought you could, changes your day to day habits and helps you enjoy every class no matter how you felt when you walked into the studio. I’ve improved my strength and flexibility but also my relationship with my body and my belief in what I can achieve.”
Nicola M

“Due to lower back pain, which had been worsening over the past 25 years, sometimes I was choosing not to go out.  So I had to do something. Having done a couple of years of “normal” pilates (which helped alittle) I was sceptical whether Menezes Pilates would make a significant difference.  But it has.  Hard work yes, but now my back pain is minimal compared to what it was before starting – most of the time I have no pain at all.  My back pain no longer determines, my participation, in my life’s activities.”
Matthew T

“I started out with the Menezes Method to improve my core strength, learn how to exercise and strengthen safely, and address nagging wrist injuries. I can confidently say Allan has done all this and more. From his exceptional anatomical and biomechanical knowledge to the broad variety of unique and interesting exercises this experience has been second to none.”
Tom K

“Allan is my saviour. Prior to finding the Menezes Method I had been to many other Pilates studios – my symptoms did not improve. I found Allan’s class by chance – they were a revelation – things started to improve. The sessions are tailored to me. Best of all Allan’s classes are fun – they are a chance to distress after work. They are my own form of mindfulness.”
Tessa M

“I have been coming to Allan’s Pilates studios for more than 30 years, since he first brought Pilates to Australia. In that time I have lived overseas and tried studios everywhere. I have yet to find anyone better!!!
Allan is without doubt the Guru. He is constantly evolving, innovating and improving his methods. He tailors his regime to the individual. In a studio with five people in it, no two are doing the same thing. Without Pilates I would not be able to do any of the other activities I enjoy. It sort of provides the lubrication and stabilisation within my body that keeps me mobile and active. And the older I get, the more I appreciate its benefits!! (and obviously I’m pretty old if I’ve been at it for 30+ years. Bloody hell!)”
Nerida N

“I began Pilates for the first time with Allan Oct 2017. I wanted to work on my overall flexibility and improve the symptoms I was experiencing as a result of a long term back condition.  Over the time, I have experienced some really surprising results; my stiff neck is more flexible, my foot pain has improved and my ankle which I broke over three years ago is less stiff and painful.  These were all quite chronic conditions and whilst challenging, I had just learned to live with them.  Regarding my back, acknowledging that this is no quick fix, I have greater movement and can already do things I didn’t know my body was capable of!  All of this as a result of Allan’s knowledge, experience and judgement as to what I should do and importantly, how hard I can push myself (one of Allan’s favourites being “if the stretch is not a 9 out of 10 then you are not working hard enough”).  He is truly interested in everyone who walks through the door and the more intractable the problem seems to be, the more he sees it as a challenge.  Thanks Allan.”
Elsa M

“I arrived at Body Control on a friend’s recommendation. Allan systematically targeted my back and sciatica pain with a personally targeted program and then varied my activities within it so I don’t get bored. Allan refuses to give up until he solves all issues and continually applies himself to the latest research and education available to enable him to provide answers when others have failed! Now, over two years later I continue to highly recommend Body Control for maintenance and prevention of further pain and injuries!”
Alisa R

“I first went to Allan Menezes on a referral from my GP nearly twenty years ago, at age 40, when scoliosis-related pain had me so disabled I couldn’t dress myself. I was considered “too far gone” for surgery by one specialist. At that point of desperation I commenced sessions with Allan. Within a year of intensive work, together with chiropractic treatment and remedial massage, I was back to a physical state of independence and competence I thought was gone forever. Recent X-rays have shown that the degree of curvature in both lumbar and thoracic curves has reduced by a significant amount. Allan’s deep knowledge of anatomy, his motivational powers and his amazing intuition, keep me on my feet. Two years ago my husband and I walked 300km of The Camino in Spain, and we’re now contemplating walking the Portuguese Camino – only 260km!”
Judy C

“Mine is one of Allan’s real success stories, I came to Allan after being disappointed with my other Pilates classes. I was recovering from a shoulder operation following a frozen shoulder as well as plantar fasciitis. Within six months I was playing golf and tennis. My shoulder is now strong and my plantar fasciitis is gone!”
Penny K 

“My early onset-osteoarthritis in both knees and hips was ruining my life. My specialist said it wasn’t bad enough for an operation and offered me stronger pain drugs and injections to cope until it was, although said it could be several years! He said I would cope better with targeted, supervised, core-strengthening exercises. I never quite managed to do my physio exercises properly or regularly at home, so I found Allan, who trains the physios in Pilates and began to learn his Menezes Method. Four months later I was bushwalking, skiing and playing tennis again – albeit slowly and with some pain – but feeling so much fitter and happier. Allan made me work hard, but knew just what was needed and what tools to use to get me moving again. An added bonus was exercising with a very small group of always lovely people – just what I needed to keep me motivated! Thank you Allan and my fellow Menezes practitioners”
Nadja L