History Of Pilates In Australia

The Pilates Method is a specific style of exercising based on the method originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s, and introduced to Australia in 1986 by Allan Menezes.

Allan Menezes is the founder and originator of the Pilates, Gyrotonics(R) and Menezes Methods  in Australia. A former top class competitive athlete, he suffered a debilitating back injury during a rugby game and found all conventional methods of rehabilitation to be of no effect. He discovered the Pilates Method, under the guidance of Alan Herdman of London, who introduced the method to Europe. Menezes established the region’s first studio in 1986 and is the most successful company of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Some of Allan Menezes’ clients past and present include:  Former NSW Premier Bob Carr, Actors Greta Scacchi, Barry Humphries and Georgie Parker, Former No.1 Triathlete Marc Dragan, Ex- Surfer Mark Warren, Bruce Gyngell (first person on Australian TV), Sydney’s ex-Lord Mayor Lucy Turnball and many others.

Allan Menezes is also:
A founding member of the Institute for the Pilates Method (USA), (now the PhysicalMind Institute) and former member of the advisory board for the Institute.

The only USA Institute Certified Teacher Trainer of the Method in New South Wales and one of only a handful in Australia; The Director of the Pilates Institute of Australasia; Pioneer of the Gyrotonics/White Cloud Method in Australia. He is also the author of “The Complete Guide to the Pilates Method (1998, USA 2000, 2nd Ed 2004). Allan is also the product developer and inventor of the Tornado-360 SpinalCore(R) rotational device.

The Pilates Method is for:
Those who have become discontent with the ‘gym scene’ and need a more focused program

  • Those who require more specific guidance for their exercise programs
  • Those recovering from injury and needing a more specific physical rehabilitation
  • Those wishing to improve sports performance or dance technique program
  • The elderly who require a gentle, yet effective, exercise regime
  • Those requiring more stretching and strengthening of their musculature
  • Those suffering from back pain and other joint or muscular problems
  • Those requiring an injury prevention program
  • Those wishing to reduce the mental and physical stress
  • Those wishing to enjoy a better sex life
  • The Pilates Method is based on the eight principles of:

    Flowing movement
  • and two Menezes Methods Pilates principles of


The Pilates Institute of Australasia was established in order to set high standards among participating studios – incorporating teaching, ethics, and staff training. It also provides a greater awareness of the Pilates Method to the community and an integrated network of participating studios around Australia and New Zealand, all of which have been assessed and recommended for their high standards and quality of instruction.

Gyrotonics is a registered trademark of Gyrotonics Inc. USA.
Tornado, Performer, Contrology, CelluRoller, B-Line, “To Be Terrific – Be Specific”, SpinalCore, KISAS (Keep It Short And Specific) are all Registered Trademarks of Allan Menezes and the Pilates Institute.