All the following DVDs are in PAL Version (England, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand Australia). They will, however, play on all computers but possibly not all DVD players.

The Floor 1 and Ball DVDs are now also available in NTSC (USA, Japan, Canada) – CLICK HERE TO ORDER USA FORMAT DVDs

Menezes Pilates DVDs are the most specific instructional videos in the Pilates Market today
The Sequencing and Cueing has been rated the best in the world
The Breathing Technique is emphasised more than other styles
We focus on stretching before starting your program – without this certain other muscles to not ‘connect’ as well
As our style is very different to Pilates taught in the rest of the world, we deliver faster results with our programs.

“Even if you have tried other Pilates before – Allan’s style is a real eye-opener” D. Slater, Physiotherapist

Normal bulk discounts (does not apply to specials or other reduced offers):
Purchase 5-9 DVDs at normal prices* and receive a 10% discount.
Purchase 10 or more DVDs at normal prices* and receive a 20% discount.
For larger qualtities than 20, please email Pilates Sales for better rates.
Please state ‘SPECIAL 10% OFFER’ or “SPECIAL 20% OFFER” on the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section of the CHECK OUT when ordering or normal prices apply.
*RRP of most DVDs is $29.95each

Please check with your medical practitioner prior to performing any exercise regime.