Certificate III & IV in Fitness.
This section of the course is a stand alone component can vary in cost among different companies.!
The Pilates Institute recommends the FIA/Fitnation to present and conduct this section of the course for you. Whether you are going to ultimately teach gym work or not, it is essential to complete this section.
This Fitness qualification (Cert III/IV) course is nationally recognized in Australia and would certainly be acknowledged by many fitness organizations around the world.

Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor)

This is the entry point qualification to work in the Fitness Industry. Cert III (Fitness Instructor) qualifies you to work in the industry as a gym instructor (in gyms, leisure centers, and community health centers). This equips you to conduct fitness assessments, create individualized gym programs, and conduct instruction on a one to one or group basis. Today most gym instructors complete Certificate IV as well, giving them a host of career options. The course is broken into three parts:

Section 1: Underpinning knowledge:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Nutrition

Section 2: Applied knowledge:

  • Fitness Assessment Techniques
  • Program Design
  • Exercise Prescription and Instruction

Section 3: First Aid

  • To gain registration and insurance as a Fitness Instructor you need to complete an approved Senior First aid Certificate.

Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

In today’s rapidly growing Fitness Industry, the need for Personal Trainers has never been greater. Whether you wish to further your knowledge from Cert III or to begin your new career as a PT, our Cert IV is simply the best in Australia. We have put together a list of the best educators in the USA and Australia, equipped with the best tools, techniques, education and specific delivery the fitness industry has ever seen. Topics covered include:

  • PT Business Development and Marketing
  • Functional Anatomy and Functional Training
  • Training Special Populations
  • Exercise Nutrition
  • Advanced Training Methods and Program Design
  • Advanced Equipment Use

Course Prerequisites:
The pre-requisite for the Certificate IV in Fitness is the Certificate III in Fitness.


The Cert IV Fitness may be completed at the same time as the Introduction To Pilates (ITP) and after Completing the Cert III Fitness

The Introduction to Pilates consists of the most comprehensive Pilates Theory Course in Existence today:

” I wanted to email you to thank you for the most interesting session I went to at the recent convention, I really enjoyed every minute and it all made so much sense.  Often when I attend a session and a new technique is supposed to make you “feel” certain changes within your body I’m not all that sure that I do.  That is why your session stood out for me and I have been trying out some of the abdominal work on my classes, and my clients have also felt the benefits.”
Jill Currie, Pilates Teacher, UK

  • Completion of 150 classes from the Floor 1 DVD, (log book required) can be commenced when signing on for the entire course). At least 50 Classes must be complete with a PIA Facility near you if available.

Completion of 8 Pilates modules:

  1. Pilates History and philosophy
  2. 8 Pilates principles – Concentration and Breathing Units
  3. Centering and Core Control Units
  4. Flowing Movement – Precision – Isolation and Routine Units
  5. Pilates and the use of Levers, props, and comparisons to standard Pilates
  6. Pre Pilates Routines
  7. Client assessment and deviations from the norm
  8. Walking/gait analysis and Menezes Method approach to everyday movements

Two case studies required:
1. What is movement and how deviations can cause faulty movement patterns giving 5 examples
2. The significance of stretching and how it influences pilates technique – 5 examples

Theory exams will be required, as well as personal DVD/Video submission completing all the exercises from Level 1 with written explanations of how each movement can be elevated to “the next level”.

All modules are completed online. They are presented and assessed on line and can be completed in your own time within 12 months from registering for the course. FIAFitnation Course also require practical assessments.
Completion of these courses does NOT entitle the student to teach Pilates classes. It allows the successful student to apply to complete the Floor 1 face to face module of the course (see Pilates Floor 1 Course)

To register, please email your interest to the Course Coordinator