Pilates Ultimate Theory On-line Course

This 9 hour Pilates Theory Workshop offers the perfect way to upgrade your Pilates skills and deepen your understanding of the biomechanical approach that is the Menezes Method of Pilates.

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The Pilates method is rapidly becoming one of the most highly regarded exercise techniques in the world. “No longer confined to the traditional Pilates studio, the method can now be found in physiotherapy rooms and in… developed forms such as the Menezes Method™” (Sydney Morning Herald, Science & Health. Oct 2009).

We work very much from a bio-mechanical base and have created new moves never seen before in the fitness or Pilates industry. By using the Pilates method to tone and balance muscles, flexibility and strength are achieved without bulk.

The differences between MENEZES Pilates™ and regular Pilates:

  • Four specific breathing rules
  • The B-Line®
  • The Perfect Torso Posture™
  • The Menezes Position™
  • Stable Spine™
  • Golden rules for teaching
  • Specific sequencing and cueing of words when teaching
  • The Stamina Stretch™ for increased lung capacity
  • The Safety Scales™
  • Continual Feedback Assessment (CFA) for clients
  • The Exercise Formula™ for superior teaching
  • Most exercises have a ‘pre-fit’ and ‘super-fit’ version for a wider exercise base
  • Superior biomechanics compared to ALL other functional Pilates courses available


This course will focus on:

  • Breathing technique
  • The core
  • Body alignment
  • Postural assessment
  • Walking gate assessment



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