How do i Become Qualified?

What do you do if you wish to become a pilates instructor and do not have any qualifications or prerequisites? This course will lead you to become well versed to commence the Instructor Training Course.

This is a brand new online course.

There are many people who have become so taken with the Pilates Method, either from having completed so many classes, or because they have recovered from a back or other condition, that they wish to become either full time or part time pilates instructors.

In order to you to be covered by the regulatory insurance requirements in the fitness industry, certain criteria need to be fulfilled.

If you are based in anywhere in the world this course is for you!

As many of the fitness courses vary considerably, we have aligned ourselves with FIA/Fitnation (The Gold Standard in the Fitness Industry) and have come up with fantastic prices for you to complete your Fitness training as well as get you started in the Pilates Industry.


Course Fees are full rack rate payable in one lump sum. If you require to pay off the amount, this option is also available at a higher cost.

The Course fees are included as a package as follows –

You can see that the package price is CHEAPER THAN the cost of the Fitness courses ALONE!

FIAFitnation -ITP Training Course

Online On Campus
Cert III $1600 $1770
Cert IV $2450 $2450
Intro to Pilates (ITP) $990 $990
TOTAL $5040 $5210
Cert III/IV & ITP Package $3990 $4220
Cert IV & ITP Package $2750 $2750

Completion of these courses do NOT entitle the student to teach Pilates classes. It allows the successful student to apply to complete the Floor 1 face to face module of the course (see Pilates Floor 1 Course)

To register, please email your interest to the Course CoOrdinator

  • Enroll in the FIAFitnation Certificate III course in the fitness industry leading into Certificate IV (Personal Training). The Cert IV course may be done concurrently with your ITP Course – start anytime that suits YOU!
  • If you have already completed the Cert III, then commence with the Cert IV option.
  • Complete at least 150 workouts from the Floor 1 DVD.(The Floor 1 DVD is sent as part of your enrollment or if you would like it earlier order from Our Website.) A logbook of the 150 completed sessions must be maintained for verification. At Least 50 of these workouts must be completed with a current PIA Certified Instructor near you (if available)
  • If you are based in Sydney you must also attend the Body Control Pilates Studio for weekly sessions for 6 months (other studios around the country will be additional costs). This is an extra cost of $850 (a discount of $400 from normal rates).This will get you an extra ‘leg up’ and this attendance will be listed on your certificate as a higher level of achievement. A video will not be required of you completing the exercises and teaching skills assessment if you attend the Studio sessions.
  • A video of you completing a full workout will be required as well as a video of you teaching (family or friends) the Warm up stretches and the PAC from the DVD to assess your teaching skills for the course.
  • Case studies will be required, as well as anatomy and theory exams throughout the course (except if attending the Studio sessions in Sydney)
  • Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to attend the Menezes Pilates Floor 1 Instructor Training course at a reduced rate of $995 (including 12 month membership), normal RRP is $1395.00
  • All studio and course fees must be paid at the same time prior to commencing classes.If you are not based in Australia, different criteria apply for the continuation of the course to Professional Teaching Standard. (Separate details are available for this).
  • The investment for the Introduction to Pilates is incorporated into the ITP-FIAFitnation packages.
  • Upon successful completion of this course, you will then be eligible to commence the Pilates Floor 1Instructor Training Course at the reduced rate of $995 (usually $1395).
  • If you are outside Australia we will have an online version of this course.
  • In Australia/New Zealand you MUST attend the face-to-face training. Please call the office on (02) 8920 2622 or +61 2 8920 2622 (International calls) or email Pilates Institute Education Centre to register your interest NOW!