Floor (Mat) 1 eBook


This Menezes Pilates™ Floor 1 Routine contains essential exercises to gain basic strength and stability. Strengthen your core out of sight – and improve your flexibility at the same time. We have stretches that other Pilates products do not even touch! This eBook also provides you with the grounding to progress further with this specific Menezes Pilates™ style. This program is a must for those wishing to start the Pilates Method.

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You can also purchase the corresponding online DVD HERE. Just select ‘Pilates Floor 1 (online DVD)’ from the drop down menu!

Complete the set with the Floor 2/3 eBook which can be purchased HERE.

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Exercise List:
Standing Roll Down
Stamina Stretch
Start Stretches
Lateral Core Control
1. Preparation
2. Hundreds
3. Partial Roll Back
4. Openings
5. Single Leg Circles
6. Rolling Like a Ball
7. Single Leg Stretch
8. Criss Cross
9. Double Leg Stretch
10. Tassie Wave
11. Saw
12. Swimming
13. Lumbar Stretch
14. Roll Up
15. PAC
16. Rotation
17. Side Leg Lifts
18. Swan Dive I
19. Scissors I
20. Bicycle I
21. Shoulder Bridge I
22. Bow
23. Arm Swings 1, 2 & 3


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