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This second edition of the best-selling The Complete Guide to the Pilates Method offers strength-building and flexibility exercises for anyone who wants to get in shape. The exercises also are perfect to complement the training program of anyone who plays sports, as well as those who want relief for back or knee problems.

The Single Most Comprehensive Guide to Joseph H. Pilates’ Techniques Just Got Better!

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow, these original Pilates best-sellers produce real results. The book includes three levels of workouts and six routines that provide something for every person who wants the strength, flexibility, fitness and pain relief that have made Pilates workouts so popular.


Pilates exercises offer a complete fitness system. They combine key elements of yoga and bodywork with original techniques that strengthen the “core” muscles of the torso while increasing flexibility throughout the body. Rather than building bulk, the techniques create sculpted muscles, reduce stress and increase energy.

This is the complete Menezes Pilates Method comprehensive theory and Floor routine based on the works of Joe Pilates. This book is frequently used as an instructors training manual.

The beginning of the book deals with the most comprehensive Pilates Theory and Principles ever written and evaluated, including Breathing styles, Core connections, etc.

There are over 120 photos and illustrations covering all the Pilates Floor exercises from beginners to advanced.


  • A thorough introduction to the history and philosophy of Pilates’ techniques
  • Detailed descriptions of 115 Pilates exercises in basic, intermediate and advanced routines
  • 176 step-by-step photographs illustrating the exercises
  • A special chapter on pain relief for back, knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and feet
  • A special section for athletes, with strength-building and flexibility exercises


  • The Stamina Stretch – to increase breathing capacity and support core abdominal muscles
  • The B-Line Core – to give support for routines, a trimmer waist and relief from back pain
  • How to change the way you walk to prevent back pain and tension headaches
  • Back strengthening routines for rotational sports like golf, tennis and racquetball
  • Upper-body exercises for computer users

Most Pilates books don’t address the different needs of beginners, advanced practitioners and athletes – but this book is different!

Written by a former top college athlete, it can be used by both beginners and instructors to complement sports training programs.

The exercises are also perfect for people who simply want to get in shape! Use this book as your personal training manual as you explore your fitness potential to the fullest!

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