Want to become a Pilates Instructor? Learn from the best!

Would you like to kickstart your career in Pilates? If so then read on because our Pilates Floor 1 course is the most biomechanically specific pilates introductory course anywhere. The three day course gives you all the tools to enable you to become the very best Pilates instructor.

Your Floor Level 1 course includes:

  • Tuition and theory exam for the three days
  • Practical exam required via DVD within 30 days after the course
  • Logbook of daily workouts for 30 days after the course

You also receive:

  • Twelve month membership of the Pilates Institute, valued at $300 which includes a certificate for your studio
  • Access to the staff for any queries regarding your clients.
  • Name, business name, telephone and internet details to the leading Pilates website in the world
  • Floor 1 DVD and workbook
  • ”Pilates Theory Bible” and Routine e-Books
  • Access to insurance which covers the specific Menezes Method style of Pilates

Find out more about our Floor 1 Instructor Training Course!

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