Would you like to kickstart your career in Pilates? If so then read on.
We now have our comprehensive Menezes Pilates Theory Learning on-line. 
This can then be followed by the Menezes Pilates Floor 1 course, the most biomechanically specific pilates courses anywhere. Either on-line or three day face-to-face course gives you all the tools to enable you to become the very best Pilates practitioner.

After completing the Floor 1 Course you also receive:

  • Twelve month membership of the Pilates Institute, valued at $300 which includes a certificate for your studio
  • Access to the staff for any queries regarding your clients.
  • Name, business name, telephone and internet details to the leading Pilates website in the world
  • Floor 1 DVD and workbook
  • Access to insurance which covers the specific Menezes Method style of Pilates

Find out more about our Floor 1 Instructor Training Course!

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